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Metal Roofing and Siding Warranty

Limited 40 Year Warranty
Applies To EBP Warranted Roofing and Siding Panels

The colour-coated finish on Easy Building Products panels is produced and applied according to standard application practices set forth by coating suppliers- Akzo Nobel, Dura Coat, and Prosperity. Easy Building Products, warrants that the integrity of the colour-coated finish applied to its roofing and siding panels will not, within a period of 40 years after the installation or 40 years and one month after the date of shipment of panels from Easy Building Products, (whichever comes first) under normal atmospheric conditions (which exclude aggressive corrosive chemicals, chemical fumes, or direct contact with certain treated lumber).

Peel, crack, check, flake, or blister to the extent that it is apparent on ordinary outdoor visual observation.

Vertical installations of Easy Building Products panels will not change colour more than 5 NBS (Hunter) units, and non-vertical installation will not change more than seven 7 NBS (Hunter) units following field installation. Colour measurements are to be made per ASTM D-2244 and only on clean surfaces after removing surface deposits and chalk per ASTM D-3964.

For (30) years, sidewall panels will not chalk more than a number eight rating, and non-vertical installations will not chalk more than a number six rating, when measured per ASTM D-4214, Method A.

This is an anti-weathering limited warranty and does not apply to other causes of degradation, including:

Coating failures caused by scratches, scrapes or any other unnatural damage, including improperly formed or fabricated material or used in a manner not originally intended.

Acts of God, including but not limited to, radiation, falling objects, explosions, or other external forces beyond Easy Building Products control.

Failures caused by standing water/moisture trapped between panels during storage.

Direct exposure to corrosive and aggressive atmospheres, including contact with animals and/or animal waste or its decomposition products.

Applications exposed to salt spray or within 1000 meters of the sea coast.

Corrosion of the substrate and/ or corrosion at cut edges; or develops any other condition between the coating and the substrate or delaminate.

This warranty is expressly subject to the following terms and conditions:

Easy Building Products responsibility extends only to the direct cost of refinishing or replacing the warranted products. Easy Building Products will not accept liability for loss or damage to other property or equipment, loss of profits or sales, or any other claims relative to standard business interruption.

Easy Building Products reserves the right to establish whether refinishing or replacing of the material is required and to approve and participate in the negotiation of any subcontracted material replacement, installation, or refinishing. The replaced or refinished area will be considered as installed as of the original installation date for the purpose of the application of this warranty.

The expressed warranty stated herein is the exclusive express warranty applicable to the colour-coated finish on Easy Building Products panels. Any implied warranties, including any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the time period of the express warranty set forth herein.

Claims under this warranty must be made in writing to Easy Building Products at the address set below within 30 days after the discovery of the defect. Easy Building Products shall have an additional 60 days to inspect the claim before any further action shall be taken.

Defects or damages to the Easy Building Products colour-coated finish caused by handling, shipping, transit, processing, storage or installation are not covered by this warranty. This warranty further shall not extend to or cover damage to the warranted colour-coating occasioned by moisture or other contamination detrimental to the colour-coated metal prior to installation.

Minor hairline cracking of the colour-coated finish is not covered by this warranty.

The Easy Building Products colour-coated finish is not warranted to weather uniformly under non-uniform conditions of exposure or use.

All claims under this warranty must be accompanied by the original invoice.

The remedy for any claims arising from a defective colour-coated finish on Easy Building Products panels shall be limited to refinishing or replacing the defective panels, or where applicable a refund of the purchase price. The amount of refund shall be reduced by 5% for each year the Easy Building Products panels were in use. This beginning after the ninth year.




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